Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Deadly Onion!!

The most disgusting thing on earth is without doubt -----Onion Breath. Imagine being on a date with a guy who reeks onion every time he opens his mouth. Would you not dump him? The humble onion is , without mincing words, a trouble maker.

Even something as simple as chopping it causes trouble. I cry bucket fulls every time I chop one of these. Being a great fan of Indian food I find myself chopping the onion at every meal. But try cooking without the onion and your food will not taste the same, no matter how well you have cooked. The damn thing has to be present , how very irritating. It's presence can't be discounted in most cuisine's even though I would like to show it the door. It's like those people we often encounter in our lives --professional or other wise, who just make a point of being there even though they are not really welcome. They make their place by being, if I may add , absolutely essential to the situation. Like your BOSS. It is a love -hate situation, isn't it?

Can you imagine how proud the 'humble onion' was a few years back when the prices had shot up ? Everybody was talking about it and giving it such undue attention, that the price soared further. We were , I remember , treating the onion with such caution and care as though it were worth it's weight in gold! How ridiculously we humans behave! Instead of putting the onion in it's place, we fanned it's importance.

Right, now I need to get back to making dinner. The family have decided on the Indian fast food---PAV BHAJI. There I can see the onion smiling at me, almost maliciously. I don't have an option now, do I? No wonder I call the onion---THE DEADLY ONION.


  1. I remember Gupta Kaku saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An onion a day keeps everyone away!"


  2. oh...rinku didi..hasiye marle!!...tomar lekha ta pore aaj matri bhasha i mean bangla chara aar kichu te comments korte parlam na go...sanghatik hesechi..porte giye...satti..we human, value every damn thing so much...!!@@##