Friday, 20 March 2009


Friends for life.... I never believed such a thing existed. But I was proven wrong this morning. So I dedicate this blog to those friends who have re entered my life and bought back nostalgic memories. I hadn't laughed this hard in days. It really cheered me up, something to cherish in this otherwise uneventful day.

I was lost. Lost in the nitty-gritty of humdrum existence. My happy, carefree and beautiful childhood cloaked under the shadow of growing up. Growing up, getting married and having a family took precedent over everything else. I was told---"This is what adults do." I believed and did the same.

Today has been a turning point in my life, and I recognize it. Real adults never sever ties. They carry forward with them the people who matter. I spoke to a long lost friend today and not surprisingly the connection was instant. Neither of us hesitant, we spoke for long hours. We laughed and joked and did a bit of 'load shedding' . It helped....really helped.

Just the other day, I was complaining about loneliness and not having any real friends. I was wrong. They are there.... just where I left them. This morning we took the first step towards bridging that gap. It shall I put it? A piece of cake.....smooth, creamy and incredibly tasty.


  1. nice one! and thanks for laughing with me for all the stupid things we shared. i still have a foolish smile on my face. AND most importantly, thanks for allowing me to walk back into your space without any explanation and hesitation.


  2. good to know that you have found out a old friend , a good old friend, a true friend when u really wanted one!!